Fabrics may also shrink with dry cleaning Avatar
Fabrics may also shrink with dry cleaning
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Alternatively,[url=http://www.knittingfabric.cc/]knittingfabric[/url]  lengths can be cut and hung over a banister where the atmospheric conditions are the same as to where the curtains are going to be hung. Fading All fabrics will eventually fade but dark dye silks will fade particularly if they are in direct sunlight. Avoid dark colors at very sunny windows where possible and always use a good solprufe lining to protect fabrics. Keep furniture, where upholstery fabrics have been used, out of the sun. Shrinkage All fabrics are susceptible to shrinkage particularly natural fabrics such as cotton and linen. You should allow up to 6% shrinkage when making curtains and loose covers. Fabrics may also shrink with dry cleaning. When making loose covers it is important to allow for shrinkage. Tight fitting covers look the best but be aware that, after washing, the loose covers will shrink. The initial fit should allow for up to 6% shrinkage. Please note that any accessories or trimmings used on cushions etc may shrink at a different rate. Also it is important to use the correct cotton for sewing as this can shrink at a different rate and spoil the look of curtains or cushions etc. Cleaning Most fabric companies suggest dry cleaning and it is important to follow the recommendations for care otherwise [url=http://www.knittingfabric.cc/]Knitting Stretchy Fabric[/url] problems cannot be put right at a later date.